The State Aquatic Centre was awarded to Outside Ideas in November 2010 and commenced in January 2011 giving us only eight weeks to complete the entire project ready for the Australian Swimming Titles.

The project included 7,000 square metres of clay paving laid on cement treated rubble, more than 1,000 square metres of coloured concrete bands highlighting the entrances and 48,000 individual cobblestones laid in mortar forming a river like drain that sweeps around the building.

The project scope started off as paving and landscaping however when the project manager demanded long hours many other trades left site leaving other tasks available for us. We won a significant amount of additional works including street furniture, concrete footings for walls and shelters, earthworks and concreting. This was a great opportunity however it left us with an eight week program to complete a $1.1 million project.

Our staff worked long days to meet the builder’s deadline. We completed all lawn areas, paving, concreting, cobblestones and gardens in time to have the project ready for practical completion in time for the swimming titles.

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State Aquatic Centre

location Marion
builder Candetti Construction
value $1,100,000
client Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
architect Woodhead