Outside Ideas was contracted by Stevens Constructions in 2006 to complete the landscaping for the Renmark Civic Centre which is three hours north of Adelaide.

This was our first large regional project and it took a lot of planning because of its remote location and timing was essential to ensure the mature trees and palms were delivered on time to fit in with the tight schedule. The planting schedule included over 2,500 plants, 61 Livistona Australis mature palms from far north Queensland and 11 Brachychiton Rupestris Bottle Trees from the Northern Territory.

The project also included street furniture, gardens and the 400 square metres of lawn was irrigated and the planting areas mulched. One of the biggest challenges of the job was the extreme weather conditions during construction; there was a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees for over a week which made keeping plants and lawn alive a challenge not to mention keeping the workers motivated.

The project was completed within the scheduled time line in less than three weeks.

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Renmark Civil Centre

location Renmark
builder Stevens Construction
value $260,000
client Renmark Paringa Council
architect DASH Architects