Mossop engaged Outside Ideas to undertake the landscaping as part of their Building Education Revolution work at Pulteney Grammar. The scope included earthworks to remove over 400 tonnes of fill, demolition and tree removal, installation of 350 square metres of pavers and the construction of a sand pit.

Outside Ideas completed the base preparation for the paving and laid them to match the existing paving, as well as installing new stormwater drainage. Two large sandpits were constructed with formed concrete walls extending 800mm into the ground, rubber sleepers on the edges and custom-made sand pit covers. A standout feature of the project was the coloured, rubber soft-fall. There were also concrete blocks and walls that were formed, poured and then covered in EPDM rubber surfacing. The blocks are great for climbing, and the walls create planter boxes around the trees, and in five different shades of green selected by the architect. Feature stone work using recycled bluestone from a demolished building, and a selection of plants with irrigation.

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Pulteney Grammar

location Adelaide
builder Mossop Construction
value $230,000
client Pulteney Grammar
architect Walterbrooke