The Main North Road Upgrade was at the time our largest government project won by public tender and our largest project as head contractor.

The scope included service location to the site to either side of the road as well as reconstruction of Telstra pits and stormwater culverts. The existing asphalt was removed and excavation taken down to 200mm below the proposed finish level, there was rubble brought in and prepared as well as 5,000 square metres of 70mm thick paving that was all clay laid on sand.

The project was a challenge due to the works being completed on a DPTI road, there were significant traffic management plans submitted as part of our tender and work could only be completed between the hours of 9am and 4pm. The project also included 70 trees with root barrier.

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Main North Road Paving Upgrade

location Main North Road
value $550,000
client City of Port Adelaide Enfield
architect Swanbury Penglase