Outside Ideas was awarded its largest Building Education Revolution (BER) project by Badge Construction for Kidman Park Primary School. The project included major earthworks, with over 550 tonnes of soil removed from around the school’s new library and shaped in the 1,700 square metre landscaped play space.

The play space included concrete tunnels accessible for children in wheelchairs, and a liberty swing donated by Variety, also for children in wheelchairs. Kidman Park Primary required a play space that catered to the needs of disabled children – a welcome challenge for the Outside Ideas construction team, which took on a large part of the design. The play space included rubber soft fall, taking into account different fall zones for different equipment, ramps for children in wheelchairs and different textured surfaces.

The garden also had 1,000 square metres of turf, over 500 plants, and an irrigation system with water supplied from the bore.

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Kidman Park Primary School

location Kidman Park Primary School
builder Badge Construction
value $400,000
client Kidman Park Primary School
architect JPE Design Studio