In 2017, Outside Ideas was appointed by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield to redevelop Hanson Reserve. The scope of works included the resurfacing of the existing velodrome, the demolition of the existing playground and the construction of a new playground in a new location and the installation of a 6m wide asphalt ‘fitness loop’ encircling the new track.

Partway through the project it was discovered that the proposed sloped asphalt surface replacement for the velodrome couldn’t be delivered safely. To resolve this issue, Outside Ideas worked closely with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, GHD Engineers and the local cycling clubs to determine a new methodology that would produce a fit-for-purpose velodrome, meeting the requirements of all stakeholders. Subsequently, Outside Ideas remediated the existing surface and then employed the Lura Lightning Strike Roller Screed method to safely apply a new sloped concrete surface to the track.

Despite the change in surface material from asphalt to concrete and the impact on the construction program as a result, the velodrome was still delivered within the client’s revised budget to the satisfaction of the Port Adelaide and Kilkenny cycling clubs.

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Hanson Reserve Velodrome and Surrounds

location Hanson Reserve, Woodville Gardens
value $2,500,000
client City of Port Adelaide Enfield
architect Birdseye Studios